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metallidean_grl's Journal

Ok Random, Where'd that come from?

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Hi I'm metallidean_grl (or Evelyn as my friends call me).

I love Dean Winchester, and am just as enamored with Jensen Ackles. I have been watching Supernatural from Day 1 and am just as in love with this show as ever. The genre and premise of fighting monsters is what drew me to the show. The relationship between Dean and Sam is what keeps me coming back every week.

I am also a HUGE fan of John Winchester. He may have been a flawed father, but I really believe he was the best father for Dean and Sam and was the only one who could have gotten them prepared the way they needed to be prepared to fight what was coming. I believe John loved his sons wholly and did everything he could for them. I also am fascinated by and love the dynamic between Dean and John. There is something special between these two and I love to explore their dynamic by reading FanFics or watching Vids as well as discussing them with others.

I loved the pairing of Dean and Lisa. I thought she was good for him and would have loved to have their relationship continue. Someday I still hold out hope that Dean might return to Lisa, but I realize that is most likely a pipe dream. So, I just enjoy what was and what could have been between these two with FanFics.

I love to read FanFics, I am obsessed actually. I don't care for Slash, Wincest, Crossovers, or RPF. I prefer my Fics related to the show and the characters within the show in one form or another. I mostly enjoy hurt!Dean fics and fics centrally themed around Dean.

I am always into making new friends and welcome newcomers, but since my LJ is locked you will only be able to see my Fic and Vid Recs. If you are interested in becoming a friend, please send me a PM and introduce yourself. Tell me a little about yourself, your likes, etc. I love meeting new people, and enjoy meeting and getting to know new people, especially Dean girls. BUT PLEASE NOTE::: The purpose of my LJ is 1) to share the love of Supernatural, it's characters and it's actors; and 2) to make new friends. Now, if I friend you it means I would love to become your friend, BUT, if you never make your own postings and never comment in my postings, how can we become friends. I am not wanting or interested in friending someone and have them be nothing but a lurker in my LJ. So, if you friend me and I end up friending you back, please know it is on a trial basis only. If, after 6 months, I haven't seen comments from you in my posts and/or your own LJ posts are next to nothing, I will be defriending you. My friends list is for the purposes of making friends, and if we never comment or talk, how can we become friends. And since many of my posts are personal, if I haven't had any other kind of contact with you besides LJ, I would prefer someone who is a "friend" or stranger not be reading my more personal posts.

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