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Fic Recommendations

 Reading some short one-shot fics right now and last night I read these 3 separate stories that I just have to tell you all about. They are lovely and beautiful and just so Dean and Sam.  Loved them all.

This first one is a brand new fic just recently posted. You may have seen it and read it, but just in case you didn't - this is a good one.  It is entitled, 'The One That Got Away' by sasha_dragon .  This story is set during 'In My Time of Dying' and is from Tessa's point of view. She is there to reap Dean, but before she does that she spends some time watching the Winchesters. This fic is a story of her observations and comments about the bond she notices between Dean and Sam. It is a lovely look at what exists between Dean and Sam and a definite MUST read.

These other 2 fics are by the same author, clairbeaubien   I recently discovered this author, and I gotta say, I really like the stories I have read from her so far and she is quickly becoming a favorite author. 

The first story is called, 'All Grown Up'  and is told from Dean's POV. This is set between 4.10 Heaven and Hell and 4.11 Family Remains, although the story doesn't really have anything to do with either episode. In this story, Dean is hurt and Sam gets Dean back to the motel room so he fix him up. The story then proceeds to alternate between current happenings and Dean reminiscing about past events. Each remembrance kind of ties into what is happening between Dean and Sam. It is a lovely look at the brothers definitely worth your time to read.

The last story is called, 'Hey, Dean' and is also from Dean's POV. This is a tag to 'Like a Virgin' and events that transpired after Sam woke up after being resouled.  This is a beautiful, heartrending take on Dean and Sam and how their bond quickly reformed after Sammy woke up. Dean never wanting to be too far away from Sam, and Sam kind of being a "little" brother and asking all kinds of questions and also not really wanting his brother to be too far away.  It is just a beautiful, perfect story and a definite read.

Well, that's it for now. Some more one-shots tonight and then I start on another multi-chapter fic. Oh, and by the way, if you are interested, clairbeaubien  and obithekid have decided to host a Supernatural Yahoo group for fanfiction. It's another place for Supernatural fans to gather and talk and share about SPN fanfiction. The name of the list is "SupernaturalStories" Come on over and join if you are interested. They are just getting started, but I'm thinking anywhere I can go to become more acquainted with the wonderful authors of SPN fanfics and hear about other great stories, I am there. Have a good day everyone!
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